Who We Are
Texas Pro Construction understands that land clearing is a key component to starting a new development project .Terrain can sometimes be unpredictable and tricky but we never fail in our goal to complete the job with excellent  quality work. Our professional and highly trained operators will give you a piece of mind knowing that your project will be 100% fast and reliable.
Not your average Demo team. Texas Pro Construction takes on any demolition job big or small, residential or commercial. Rest assured we take your projects serious and accomplish them in a timely manor with the best results. We use top of the line equipment and keep safety at its highest standards when working on your project guaranteeing you the best results.
Texas Pro Construction is your #1 solution to any trash hauling project, residential or commercial. From your garage to construction sties we will take items local haulers wont take. We arrive at a prompt time and complete the project at hand in the most time friendly and environment friendly way as possible. We take furniture, wood , carpet, electronics, construction material , appliances and ext.
We pride ourselves in building new roofs and doing roofing repairs.We focus on high quality work with competitive prices, from asphalt shingles to metal roofing we do it all. We provide quality work at an affordable price.
From metal to wood, horizontal to vertical whatever type of fencing you need we can do it. In a market where prices of material such as lumber are always going up and down we provide the most competitive rates with the highest quality work.
Let us grow the beauty of your exterior home with our landscaping service, we  service your yard from mulch, tree trimming, planting, drainage and much more, any landscaping you need we got you covered. 

Texas Pro Construction is partnered with High Ground Builderz


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